Managed Services

Maximize Efficiency and Adaptability

Enhance your team’s capabilities across the board, including management, monitoring, incident detection, disaster recovery, backup solutions, and comprehensive security measures.


Our offerings encompass a wide array of solutions, including but not limited to:

Infrastructure Support

Enable your teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine infrastructure tasks.

Application Support

ASaaS encompasses a range of support activities, including troubleshooting, bug fixes, performance monitoring, and updates.

Cloud Migration

Seamless transition of an organization's digital assets, applications, and data to cloud environments.

Design and Implementation Services

We leverage a vendor agnostic approach and provide design and implementation services for servers, storage, virtualization, containerization, database, middleware.

Network Services

We offer top-quality network services and our certified engineers and round-the-clock monitoring system guarantee your infrastructure is healthy, highly available, and performing well.


How does collaborating with Arcana look like?

Step 1

Initial Contact

Send us an email outlining your project needs. We'll review your message and aim to reply within 1-2 business days.

Step 2

Initiating Project Work

Once all necessary documents are signed off and approved by our legal team, we kickstart the project. Our talent team handpicks the best experts to work closely with you.

Step 3

Development and Progress Review

Our team diligently works on your project, following the outlined plan and milestones. We regularly review our processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Step 4

Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support team ensures your solution continues to perform optimally. We handle troubleshooting, updates, and ongoing assistance to support you every step of the way.

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Talent on Demand

Get an API integrations Expert on demand.

Case Study

We helped a national telecom upgrade its core IBM platform.


Cost Efficient:

Small businesses find managed services advantageous due to the lower initial costs compared to starting from scratch. Hiring, training, and acquiring necessary equipment can be financially burdensome for new ventures.


Managed services allow for flexible system expansion or upgrades without the need to hire and train additional staff. They ensure swift adaptability to changing resource requirements, surpassing in-house team responsiveness.

Minimized Downtime

Minimizing downtime is a complex challenge that in-house teams may lack the capacity or expertise to handle efficiently. Managed services mitigate downtime costs by proactively preventing its occurrence.

Data Compliance

Conduct thorough reports and audits to ensure your organization meets all requirements, saving your in-house team countless hours in the long term.

Reduced Risk

With managed IT services, you stay proactive, minimizing the risk of experiencing a breach. We identify vulnerabilities and implement necessary defenses to mitigate them effectively.

Our Tech Expertise

We partner with top technology companies to develop and support integrations across multiple tech stacks.

Linux Administration

Database Management

Client Support

Google Cloud Platform


Delivering value to enterprises worldwide

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