Application Modernization

Reimagine Your Software

Experience seamless transition and enhanced performance as Arcana’s application modernization solutions revitalize your software. From legacy systems to cutting-edge technologies, we provide tailored strategies to elevate your applications, ensuring efficiency and scalability.


Our offerings encompass a wide array of solutions, including but not limited to:

Legacy System Modernization

Our legacy system modernization service upgrades outdated systems into agile, modern applications, ensuring they meet current and future business needs.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our meticulous testing and quality assurance procedures guarantee that your re-engineered applications operate seamlessly, meeting all standards for performance and security.

Compliance and Regulatory Update

We ensure your applications remain compliant with the latest industry standards and legal regulations, protecting your operations from compliance risks.

Performance Tuning and Optimization

We refine and optimize your applications to enhance speed, efficiency, and resource usage, ensuring optimal performance consistently.

Security Enhancement

Our security enhancement service strengthens your applications against the most recent cyber threats, safeguarding your valuable data.

Integration with Modern Technologies

We incorporate advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and cloud computing into your current applications, enhancing value and ensuring future readiness for your software.

User Interface and User Experience Redesign

We revamp application user interfaces and experiences with a focus on usability, accessibility, and contemporary design, enhancing user engagement.

Database Migration and Optimization

Our team adeptly manages data transfer to advanced databases and optimizes database performance, ensuring efficient and robust data management.

Platform Migration

We specialize in migrating applications from outdated platforms to modern, efficient, and secure environments, ensuring your business stays ahead of technological advancements


How does collaborating with Arcana look like?

Step 1

Initial Contact

Send us an email outlining your project needs. We'll review your message and aim to reply within 1-2 business days.

Step 2

Initiating Project Work

Once all necessary documents are signed off and approved by our legal team, we kickstart the project. Our talent team handpicks the best experts to work closely with you.

Step 3

Development and Progress Review

Our team diligently works on your project, following the outlined plan and milestones. We regularly review our processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Step 4

Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support team ensures your solution continues to perform optimally. We handle troubleshooting, updates, and ongoing assistance to support you every step of the way.

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We helped a national telecom upgrade its core IBM platform.

Why modernize?

Cost savings

Modernizing an application can help to reduce development and maintenance costs over the long term, as development teams can take advantage of new technologies and tools to work more efficiently.

Enhanced security

Modernized applications can have improved security features, making it less vulnerable to cyber attacks and other security threats.

Access to new tools and technologies

Allow development teams to use new tools and technologies, such as cloud computing, containers, and microservices, which can help to improve the performance and scalability of the software.

Improved scalability

Modernizing an application can help to improve its scalability, making it easier for development teams to handle increased workloads and user demands.

Reduced technical debt

Modernizing an application can help to reduce technical debt, which can accrue when development teams add functionality to an application without fully considering its long-term impact.

Increased agility and flexibility

Modernized applications are often more agile and flexible, allowing development teams to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs.


Delivering value to enterprises worldwide

Our Tech Expertise

We partner with the best-in-class tech and tools to bring your ideas to fruition, including (but not limited to) the following:

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Google Cloud Platform

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