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Case Study

JAZZ Powers Next Generation Digital Experiences with WSO2 Integration stack

API lifecycle management, configuration management, and modernized CI/CD deployment options.

Business Benefits

Jazz now bring products to market faster with better performance, scalability, and resiliency.

With the API Management Platform in place, the company is now perfectly poised to explore new business opportunities and extended subscriber outreach.


Jazz wanted to optimize the business value of their APIs products through an end-to-end solution that provides full API lifecycle management alongside capabilities for API discovery, implementation, security and analytics that optimizes TCO (total cost of ownership) across their digital ecosystem.


Jazz evaluated several industry’s leading ESB solutions, and selected the 100% open source WSO2 ESB as the perfect fit capable of handling the requirements and Arcana Info as its implementation partner. The solution outperformed all other options in both speed, reliability and TCO.

WSO2 integration capabilities empowers anyone to quickly and easily connect information assets no matter where they are. Connect apps, data, and devices across environments with cloud-native integration flows, and automate processes with a no-code experience designed for technology contributors beyond the IT department.

The Client

Industry: Telecommunication

Location: Pakistan

Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital operator, and the largest internet and broadband service provider with around 75 million subscribers nationwide.

Jazz corporate history spans over 28 years and around 75 million loyal customers across thousands of cities in Pakistan. As a digital thought leader Jazz provides cutting-edge, integrated communications solutions, creating the strongest brands, and offering the largest portfolio of digital value added services.

From being the first operator to launch SMS in the country, to taking a number of initiatives to help materialize the Digital Pakistan vision, Jazz has always been at the forefront of innovation.

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