Mobile Money API Manager for JazzCash
We helped JazzCash integrate a mobile money API management solution.
Industry overview
Mobile wallet and payment services industry is redefining the inflow and outflow of money in Pakistan. There has been a 27.3% increase in the usage of mobile phone banking transactions only between Q1 – Q3 2017 with 23.69 million mobile wallet accounts in March 2017. This increase is 73% higher than the previous year showing an amplified demand.


Client overview

Jazz is Pakistan’s leading telecom operator. Its subsidiary, JazzCash is one of Pakistan’s largest mobile financial services and online payment solutions provider. JazzCash alone holds 51% market share of active mobile wallet accounts in 2017 and allows its customers to deposit and withdraw funds from 65,000 JazzCash agents across the country.

The challenge

With mobile transactions on the rise, JazzCash decided to launch a developer’s center that would create ease for merchants and retailers to successfully deploy and run their mobile money APIs for effective transactions. We partnered with JazzCash to provide an agile solution to building a developer center that would seamlessly manage APIs and other utilities for JazzCash’s clients.

How we helped
Keeping important factors such as scalability, cost control and security in mind, Arcana Info took action by integrating a robust and agile mobile money API management solution for JazzCash’s developer center. In addition, an open source ESB engine was also installed that would simplify messaging across applications.
Solution overview

The API Manager is a leading open source platform that allows us to design, create, publish and manage APIs seamlessly in one, neatly unified, system. Using our solution, JazzCash can easily compose and publish APIs which would then be accessible by subscribers with ease to be able to use them in applications while also allowing back-end services for JazzCash such as security and analytics.

Moreover, the open source ESB engine eliminates the need to write code for messaging and offers data integration capabilities. Due to the ESB’s ability to seamlessly incorporate applications, services, data and processes across systems, the cloud, mobile devices and more it will allow JazzCash to be more agile in delivering new services.

The outcome

JazzCash can now run and manage an advanced yet sophisticated developer’s center. It creates and publishes APIs in one platform allowing subscribers to view and deploy them as needed. This ease of access will allow even more agents and merchants to easily set up JazzCash APIs for their stores and outlets.

Click here to view the JazzCash Developer Center (Beta)

Mobile Money Hackathon
The Developer center project was launched at The Mobile Money Hackathon held by GSMA.


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