Infrastructure Deployment and Restoration
Instant infrastructure disaster recovery for an oil and gas exploration company.
Industry overview

Pakistan depends mainly on Oil & Gas for its energy generation. These two components of energy contribute almost 65% to the energy requirement of Pakistan. With constantly growing demand, since the major source of energy in Pakistan is gas, hence leading to a developed gas transmission infrastructure.


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Client overview

Our client is also listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchange being one of the most actively traded listed companies on the index. Having such a strong presence, our client requires a dependable IT infrastructure that can directly help it in oil and gas exploration, refining and supply.

With Arcana Info as its technological partner, our client enjoyed unmatched professional support and access to technological solutions from global IT leaders.

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The challenge

The Client faced a major disaster to their infrastructure and was in need of immediate support services. These support services involved backups and technologies from global leaders such as Microsoft and VMware. Prompt support was vital and urgent for the Client to bring back their Infrastructure & Application services for the smooth running of their business processes.

How we helped

Arcana’s certified experts provided the client with 24/7 support services on an urgent basis. The services included proactive monitoring and reactive support. The team also ensured that they scheduled interval up-gradation and maintenance of the system.


Solution overview

The infrastructure of the system which was centered on 2000 users was upgraded, restored and migrated to latest versions of Microsoft and VMware. The infrastructure was based on VMware virtualization layer and was restored as well as upgraded along with directory services from Windows 2008 R2 to Windows server 2016. In addition the Microsoft messaging infrastructure was also upgraded from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 and O365, in a hybrid environment.

The outcome

One loophole in a system used by 2000 users can lead to a serious loss and the Client’s business can majorly suffer. The services provided by Arcana Info ensured smoother business operations and increased infrastructure resiliency.

With these services provided by our certified experts, the client is now able to run the systems with added control and reduced run-time latency. With backup services in place and Arcana’s experts co-managing the infrastructure, our client can now efficiently manage application workloads and collaborate seamlessly.

Technology Partners
“Our working relationship with the client is based on trust. We are happy to have helped them by extending superb technical support.”
-Mehdi Hassan Raja, GM Enterprise Solutions, VMware
“VMware is the preferred choice for virtualized platforms. Our client trusted the right technology and the right team.”
-Zil ur Rehman, Technical Manager
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