Arcana is powering the world’s most innovative companies, leverage your IT investments, resources, and capabilities by having a consulting partner you can rely on. 

Four reasons to choose Arcana


Deep Technology Expertise

Industry knowledge allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in 30+ industries. Working closely with you, we define your organizations needs and devise effective automation tools and concepts.


Flexible Engagement Models

Our team works with three major engagement models depending on the wants and needs of your project: Fixed Price, Time & Material and Dedicated Team models.


Accelerate Application Delivery

We bridge the gap between strategic goals and the day to day management of work. With increased visibility and alignment, you have the insights to support an outcome-driven approach.



We take a proactive, consistent approach to vulnerability identification, patch compliance, and budget control across heterogeneous servers, databases, middleware, networks, and cloud services.


We have worked extensively with leading national and international carriers on application security authentication, BSS application integration, business continuity and disaster recovery, compliance and more.

Area of Expertise

Financial Sector

Financial Sector

The financial sector as an industry is in a state of flux and is undergoing numerous changes. We provide end-to-end business consulting, platform transformation, implementation, customization, integration, and post-implementation managed services.

Area of Expertise

Oil and Gas

Our experts provide value across the entire energy services portfolio, starting from retail and customer services to energy and asset management, smart energy, supply regulation and risk management.

Area of Expertise


Public Sector

We work with different segments across the public sector, from healthcare to communications authorities, education regulations, logistics, government authorities, aviation and beyond.

Area of Expertise

Small and Medium Enterprise

From outreach to financing, client management to administration and collaboration to operations, we partners with SMEs to offer a complete suite of services that can cater end-to-end operational challenges.

Area of Expertise


Our Clients

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