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From crisis management to supply regulation and process automation, Arcana helps energy companies implement the best of IT for accelerated performance. Our energy industry faces tough challenges with ever-increasing demand for household and industrialization while supply remains limited. Financial and tactical bottlenecks cause the gap to widen, and technology has answers to manage energy crisis.


Our experts provide value across the entire energy services portfolio, starting from retail and customer services to energy and asset management, smart energy, supply regulation and risk management.


T&D Service Delivery

Arcana Info helps energy companies optimize transmission and distribution (T&D) with its suite of integrated solutions that help optimize T&D channels and ensure dependable service delivery. We partner with global technology leaders to bring the best T&D solutions for our clients.

Analytics & Insights

Get powerful and meaningful data analysis regarding your customers, key resources and other important KPIs that assist in successful decision making. With Arcana, smarter business with smarter decision-making is possible, all powered by data insights that matter most to your business.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

Our solutions for asset management, service delivery risk management, operational risk management, governance and compliance can help your energy company realign operations and resources to transform itself into a high-performing powerhouse.

Internet of Things

Cleaner energy production isn’t enough on its own – optimize the whole energy manufacturing lifecycle starting from exploration all the way to consumption. Integrate the Internet of Things and smarter grid management into your T&D channels and capture new levels of efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility & Strategy

Your customers are just as much a part of your business as your employees. The growing influence of consumer device technologies means your business needs a mobile strategy and adoption roadmap to cater for experiences and provide connectivity for a workforce that always delivers.

On & Off Site Support

Take advantage of our profound exposure working within the energy sector and equip your IT resources with our technical engineers, architects and consultants for on-site, off-site round-the clock support. Outsource all IT hiccups, from troubleshooting to service downtime.

Case Studies