The IAM Project
A top 5 bank in Pakistan trusted Arcana Info to simplify security procedures and implement IAM solution for its network of 25 mission-critical and core banking applications
Industry overview
Pakistan’s banking sector nets PKR 52 billion in profits each year, with more than 64 banks operational in the country. Despite the potential, Pakistan’s banked population remains at 16% with the remainder still relying on conventional methods of money exchange & asset management.


Client overview

Our client is a commercial bank ranked as one of the top 5 private sector banks in Pakistan operating since 1947. With annual revenues of more than PKR 65 billion and assets worth PKR 300 billion, the client is among the leading banking and financial solutions providers of the nation, with stocks being traded on the national and international stock exchange indices.

The challenge

Our client was in need of an authentication solution to better manage their employee accounts that access core banking and treasury applications. With more than 1,400 branches across the nation accessing these applications, security of sensitive data, elimination of wrongful transactions and transparency in application processes across the organization were the problems requiring an efficient solution.

A total of 25 applications were needed to be integrated with our IDM solution. The application environment was hybrid, consisting of bespoke and off-the-shelf applications having mission-critical RAS requirements.

How we helped
Our team deployed a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution that created unified user identities across mission-critical applications.
Solution overview

Our seasoned security solution architects partnered with the client to deploy and integrate a complete IAM solution that made application login and logout attempts simple and effortless. A single sign-on was required for all the 1,400+ operational branches which used these applications on a daily basis, boosting productivity while maintaining the same security standards within the organization.

The outcome

Being among the top leading banks of the country, security loopholes are unacceptable for our client. Critical financial information needs to be secured by all means to maintain the customer base and business revenue.

With Arcana Info’s IDM solution, the access to banking applications has been made efficient and secure. The reduced number of user ids will not only reduce the cost but will also improve the delay time for each transaction.

Having the Identity and Access Management solution integrated and running across platforms and our expert support team available round the clock, the client can now efficiently manage application workload and collaborate seamlessly.

Technology Partners
We worked on leading technologies from Oracle and other global leaders to deliver our client high performance.


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