GPS Tracking System for Transport and Fleet Management
Pakistan’s first vehicle surveillance system implemented in the education sector.
Industry overview

The higher education system in Pakistan consists of around 163 universities, graduating approximately 3 million students every year. The literacy rate is profoundly increasing and stands at 58% in 2018 with expectations to increase in the coming years. With such developments, the quality and rapid security concerns are calling for more sophisticated systems that not only eliminate risks, but also increase the overall standards of the entire educational experience.

Student transportation, as one of the many aspects of an educational experience, is being modernized through
technology and is now gradually moving towards the prevailing digital transformation throughout the industry in

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Client overview

Our client is one of the top prestigious universities of Pakistan in terms of research and standard of education delivered. In order to uphold their position in the education sector and to improve their infrastructure and security concerns, our client required an elaborate digital system to cover their entire vehicle tracking and fleet management operations seamlessly and optimally.

Having years of experience in the education sector, Arcana Info stepped up to bring its technological expertise in action. By developing such a system that agrees to the client’s concerns and equips the education sector with a more digitally advanced solution, Arcana Info displays its extensive proficiency in its core technology industry.

The challenge

As one of the most prestigious educational institute, the client wished to maintain and improve its status by offering a state of the art transport system for its students.

The client required utmost ease and efficiency in managing buses, drivers, routes, timings, emergency situations and live support for passengers, by utilizing the latest technology and not compromising on reliability or security. They also wanted to drastically reduce the waiting time for students and provide feasible alternatives in case a bus was missed. Moreover, they aimed to improve student security and monitor bus routes for fuel saving purposes.

Arcana Info stepped in by thoroughly addressing the clients concerns and developing a high tech bus surveillance system.

How we helped

We looked in detail upon each of the client’s concerns and developed a web based administration panel for the management of busses, tracking management, report creation, big data analysis, user management along with login options, data backups and live hosting. Multiple screen display was provided to cater to the selection of multiple routes.

We provided ease in routes management by offering CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operation for routes and stops along with terminal and stops management with latitude and longitude selection for each route and estimated arrival timings for each journey.

Furthermore, a mobile application was developed for the ease of students to be able to locate their bus, view expected arrival times and see alternate bus routes in case a bus is missed.

Solution overview

Understanding the challenges faced, we developed an intelligent telematics system by connecting the client, vehicles and the passengers together to drive transport efficiencies. Appropriate, PTA approved, software and hardware was deployed and installed to cover all requirements including an advanced GPS tracking system to ensure real time tracking with maximum accuracy, automatic updates, speed alarms, data logging and more.

The outcome

With GPS tracking in place the client can easily locate its busses with real-time tracking and stay updated about the exact location and current status of a vehicle. Moreover they can optimize their routes, reduce fuel consumption and operations expenditure and ensure student safety. In case of certain emergency situations such as over speeding, or extra delays in routes, alerts are automatically generated.

The client has the option to monitor vehicles 24/7 and easily add, update, and delete routes and its information through a simple platform along with bus-driver mapping. Passengers can view bus timings and delay information in real time and plan their travel accordingly.

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