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Customer Experience

A Journey from Root to Sprout


Customer experience – how do businesses make use of digital, social and offline customer touchpoints to optimize customer buying experience? Tanveer explains.


It’s obvious your customer is your most prized stakeholder. Customer is the driving force of every enterprise. High profitability doesn’t define business success in the digital era rather a number of happy customers do. To keep the customers happy and coming back for more, businesses tend to invest in Customer Experience.


Read our new blog as Tanveer Jalal explains how CX helped enterprises streamline operations and sustain revenues.

Identifying Customer Touchpoints

The first point of contact with this potential customer starts defining whether the
lead will convert into lasting business. 70% of buying experiences are based on
how the customer is being treated. This individual experience is what the
reputation of any business is built on.

Customer Experience extends from this initial step until your customers decide if
they would like to do business with you again. Everything that happens
meanwhile builds the trust of the customer. To continuously improve the CX journey,
a dedicated approach to customer satisfaction is required.

Trends in Customer Experience

Businesses have changed the way they deal with customers. What once used to be a small component in the marketing process has now emerged as a core organizational function.

Tony Costa, Senior Analyst Forrester has mentioned in his speech the two steps towards better customer experience.


  1. Fixing existing CX loopholes and bottlenecks.
  2. Improving the customer experience in new ways.


It is one thing to fix the problems that have occurred. Improving the customer experience has far-reaching implications for businesses in terms of sustainability and success. Leaving the bad CX problems behind will only pile them up leading to a bad CX reputation of the company. More than 58% of a business’s customers will not use its services again after a bad experience

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