Consultancy for Tier III Data Centre
A solution for a Data Centre that meet International standards of TIA 942 for optimal security and efficiency.
Industry overview

Pacing up with technological development, Pakistan is the first country among SAARC to incorporate an E-Office in the governance system of its public sector. About 4,200 employees of the federal government have been provided training to cope up with current technological developments. The sector is steadily improving its efficiency and saving costs for all public services.

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Client overview

The client deals with numerous policy and administrative matters of the country including international negotiations and agreements. It works for the safety of the public and is one of the largest federal ministries of the Government of Pakistan in terms of budget and staff.

Partnering with Arcana Info the client has been able to find professional and unmatched solutions for its technological challenges.

The challenge

The client required an extremely secure and reliable Data Centre (DC) based on TIA-942 standards. The DC could only be built at a specific location however the setting was extremely unfavorable to qualify for any international standards due to numerous potential environmental and security hazards. The client consulted with Arcana Info to provide a thorough solution to meet the TIA 942 standards and build a Tier III DC at the specified location.

How we helped

Our consultancy experts for TIA 942 completely scanned the site and performed technical tests to thoroughly understand the unfavorable aspects of the site. We then drafted a solution to meet the TIA 942 standards, as well as provide all customization as required to be able to deploy a state of the art tier III DC at the difficult location of choice.

Solution overview

Focusing on each minute detail we proposed an exact architectural design and the materials required consequently that would be capable of withstanding any major environmental and other calamities. All aspects of the TIA 942 standards were covered.

The outcome

Thorough consultancy was provided satisfying all international standards and the client’s needs and requirements. An RFP was generated based on the results of the consultancy and the project for developing a DC was put in to motion.

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