Mobile Connect for Multinational Telecom




Since the recent merger with another leading telecom operator, Jazz has a subscriber base of over 50 million people. These millions of people have access to the internet and create billions of possibilities where mobile integration could play an integral part.


Considering the importance, we helped our client in deploying  a mobile integration solution which could offer all its users free-of-cost, password-less entry for their online IDs.


Arcana’s Software & Apps division deployed Mobile Connect, a mobile technology that enables each mobile number to represent a single unique ID for the web. The result? Millions of login attempts each day avoid passwords without compromising on security.


Mobile Connect is the latest standard in 2-factor authentication and password-less access to online identities. Whether you’re shopping, applying for a job or simply logging into a social media channel, this technology can help completely avoid passwords with simple one-time integration.


Our team spent over 1,200 man hours to successfully deploy the complete solution.


Jazz users now do not need to remember email IDs and confusing passwords to log in. With decreasing patience for latency, user registration and retention was a big challenge for websites and online stores that was keeping them from harnessing the true potential of mobile and social technologies.


Mobile Connect enables Jazz users to use their phone caller ID as their log-in credentials. From buying online to logging in anywhere, Jazz users can now use their mobile phones rather than remembering passwords for each different platform.

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