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Enabling a Sales & Marketing Ecosystem for a Mega Mall


Dominion Mall & Apartments is a complete lifestyle destination building on over 2.2 million square feet. The project combines superior design thinking and unmatched architecture to provide an immersive shopping, living, eating and working experience to the residents of the twin cities.


Being one of the very few projects of its scale in the country, Dominion Mall & Apartments needed a robust sales and marketing strategy that would ensure the crucial success it needs in its initial phases. Arcana Info proposed a complete sales and marketing strategy that enabled the client to have a sound presence in the real estate sector of Pakistan. An aggressive approach towards electronic and digital media was adopted and more than 30 sales and marketing resources were deployed on the project, ranging from designers and copywriters and digital media experts to project management specialists, sales officers and business development executives.


Arcana took responsibility for the project and devised the complete campaign. Dominion Mall & Apartments was given a fresh new logo, a brand new identity and because of its breathtaking scale, the project soon became Pakistan’s first complete lifestyle destination.


Arcana Info also devised an offline marketing campaign for the client. International realty tradeshows and seminars were targeted and the client was provided an attractive presence to attract direct foreign investment.

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