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Delivering mission-critical functionality faster and at lower cost

Easypaisa utlized Arcana’s expertise to help modernize its infrastructure and enable billions of secure, irrevocable, near real-time nationwide transactions each year.


Pakistan’s first mobile banking platform launched in 2009, is the only GSMA mobile money certified service in the country. Initially launched as a money transfer service, easypaisa empowers underserved masses by bringing convenience and freedom to their lives, and has today become the category name for money transfers, synonymous with convenience and reliability.

7.3+ million app users

204.4K+ total agents network

2383 avg transaction value

45+ million customers

Improving Effeciency and Resilience

The banking industry has gone through a significant transformation over the past few decades. Banks are realizing the importance of shifting their focus from being product centric to customer centric, keeping customer experience at the front and center of the banking experience.

Collaborating with third-party developers and fintech partners via APIs, Easypaisa can continually innovate and expand their service offerings, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of meeting the dynamic and evolving financial demands of their corporate clientele.

Case in point: With API Connect V5 sunsetting, Easypaisa aimed to migrate to the latest version to ensure system compatibility and security. Easypaisa also sought to future-proof their traffic handling capacity. This proactive measure aimed to maintain service quality and availability even as user volumes continued to surge. This case study delves into successful migration of Easy Paisa's API infrastructure from IBM API Connect V5 to V10 and the outstanding outcomes achieved.


Scale backend infrastructure to meet the demands of a growing user base

Accelerate digital transformation initiatives and delivery of real-time, secure financial transactions

Comply with stringent security and data governance requirements

Adopt the path of least disruption when migrating clients and data


Arcana Info conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing infrastructure, identifying potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. A tailored migration plan was devised, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations. This plan included phased implementation, rigorous testing, and rollback mechanisms. Advanced security protocols were implemented during the migration to safeguard sensitive financial data. This involved encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring. The upgraded infrastructure positioned Easypaisa to adapt to evolving technological landscapes, ensuring long-term viability and minimizing the need for frequent updates.


Accelerated time to market of Easypaisa products/services

50% reduction in API requests avg response time

Shift to container-based architecture, enabled greater flexibility and scalability

Significant improvements in security posture

Technology Stack

• Infrastructure: IBM Cloud, Openshift
• API Gateway: IBM API Connect
• ESB: IBM APP Connect
• Technologies: Java, ESQL, Node.js, mySQL, JDBC
• Encryption Protocols: RSA 2048, AES 256, SHA 256 HMAC

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